HJEMKOMST – Release Notes

Hjemkomst By Dave Greaves
Dave Greaves, Lead Vocals and Songwriter.
Archie Pheby-McGarvey, Guitar and Langeleik.
Katerine Nybakken, Lead and Harmony vocals.
Paul Peterson, Drums and Harmony vocals.
Sindre Tronrud, Hardanger fiddle.
Eivind Tanche-Larsen Knutsen., Jew’s harp.
Chazlen Rook, Nyckelharpa.
If I chose and Springtime will return written by Dave Greaves.
Jerusalem, words by William Blake, tune composed by Dave Greaves.
A New Leaf, written by Archie Pheby-McGarvey and Chazlen Rook.
Drums recorded by Paul Peterson.
Everything else recorded, mixed and mastered by Archie Pheby-McGarvey.
Artwork by Atticus Pheby-McGarvey.
Hjemkomst started life when Dave and Archie recorded the guitar and vocals in their home in England. The songs evolved as they took a trip around the world. First Katerine, Eivind and Sindre recorded their parts in rural Norway before Paul laid down the drums from his home studio in France. The finale stop for this album was when America fiddler Chazlen and Archie composed and recorded the last track ‘A New Leaf’. What ties the musicians who took part in this album together is their connection to Norway, through family, study or birth. This link to Norway is reflected in the instrumentation and arrangements that surround the lyrical story of loss and hope delivered through the juxtaposition of Dave’s and Katerine’s vocal styles.


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