About Daves Music

How do I feel about my writing? Well…I don’t know I just do it.
Whether rich or poor, known or not… I do it; in my DNA?

If I think on it, it’s about writing conversationally and in some kind of moment, like trying to write about the Ins and outs of a moment rather than trying to fit everything into it. I’m lucky to have lived the life I chose. Not because I’m a genius or anything but I couldn’t see any other way, as I didn’t see any future in it or even present tense in it. It’s a kind of curiosity about myself and those around me. A sort of therapy I guess. I became a therapist by accident and being a musician and a writer went alongside it well.
‘Thé unexplored life isn’t worth living’. Someone like Plato said that…I still hold it to be true. That’s what I write about. Hopefully it’s a universal or a kind of archetype that I would hope people relate to. The folks I listened too are artists like Hank Williams and everybody else. the Duke said there are two kinds of music: good and bad.’

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